5 Tips & Tricks For Small Closets



If you’re like me, you’re not lucky enough to have one of those walk-in closets with center islands and perfect storage. Here are some of the ways I’ve managed to make good use of my ‘reach-in’ closet.

Take Off The Closet Doors: This immediately opens up the space providing room for bulkier items and/or the ability to add storage containers inside – which otherwise wouldn’t fit with the doors on. You can always add a curtain if you don’t want all of your things exposed.

Keep The Closet Doors: If you chose to keep the doors, be sure to utilize the actual door for storage. Add hooks to hold scarves or jewelry. Or use an over-the-door organizer to store shoes or smaller items.

Insert A Dresser: The quickest way to add space/storage is to put a dresser, or a night table, or even stackable plastic bins inside the closet without having to install anything!

Shoe Boxes: Once you’ve put the dresser inside of the closet, try using empty shoeboxes inside of the drawers to keep socks, underwear, and other items separated.

Use Baskets: Baskets on the top shelf of the closet will help organize miscellaneous items or off-season clothing/ items that you don’t need access to daily.

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